Music wishes: Getting music wishes fulfilled

The Music wishes view fulfills your music and video wishes. Instead of actively searching for media content yourself, you simply enter your wishes and activate XStream Xtra to fulfill them one by one.


  • Getting music wishes fulfilled
    When you enter items on your wishlist, XStream Xtra will record music and music videos from Internet radio stations and web sites (e.g. Youtube), automatically.
  • Creating a new wishlist
    Create wishlists and add wishes like songs, artists or albums to it.  XStream Xtra will search radio stations and websites to record your music wishes.

You can put diverse media content on a wishlist:

  • artists
  • albums
  • individual tracks

You can have an arbitrary mixture of such items on a wish list.  XStream Xtra will search websites and radio stations and record your music wishes.

Importing and exporting wishlists

On the wishlist toolbar, click the current wishlist. Click >> > Save wishlist as.... Choose a folder and click Save.
On the wishlist toolbar, click the current wishlist. Click <Open from file>. Select the saved wishlist (for example My Wishlist.A1wish) and click Open.

Balancing speed and quality of wish fulfilling

XStream Xtra offers several settings, which allow you to customize the speed of wish fulfilling and the quality of wish recordings.

In short: Get more wishes fast, or wait a little longer to get better recording quality. Try out different settings to find out which are the best for your needs.

You can choose whether you want XStream Xtra to record audio files only or video files as well (for example music videos from Youtube).
Note: You can activate a converting profile to have all recorded video files converted into audio files automatically. For more information please read Setting an output format for all recordings.
You can choose whether you want XStream Xtra to record from radio stations or from music websites as well (for example Youtube). Please mind: If you check radio stations only it will take a while until you get the first results. The more frequently played and the more popular a wish item, the faster it is fulfilled.
Check Filter out cover and live versions to filter out song titles including the terms "live" or "cover".

On the one hand, songs recorded from radio stations have usually a better quality than songs recorded from music websites. On the other hand, if you choose to record from radio stations exclusively you might have to wait a while before the required songs are played in the radio so that they can be recorded.

Note: Speed also depends on the popularity of a wish. If an artist or a song is not popular, it will not be played as much on the radio and therefore such a wish takes longer to fulfill.

Symbols used for Wishes

Table 1. Symbols used for Wishes. 
Symbol Description Meaning
1 Magic wand This symbol denotes wishes, and recordings which were recorded by the Music wishes view. You can add artists, albums and individual songs to your wishlist to get them fulfilled.
1 Note with a green arrow This symbol denotes songs on your wishlist that are currently being recorded.
1 Note with a green dot This symbol denotes songs on your wishlist that have already been recorded (fulfilled wishes).
1 Bar graph This symbol denotes the popularity of a certain artist. Song wishes for popular artists are generally fulfilled faster than those by unpopular artists.