Updating XStream Xtra to the latest version

If you encounter problems or errors with XStream Xtra, you should make sure you have the latest version of the software installed.

Updates are minor patches, provided to fix bugs and to improve the usability of products.

Updates only override internal program files. All your personal settings, output files, and data like wishlists and favorites etc., will be preserved.

To check whether you have the latest version installed

  1. Start XStream Xtra and open Options > General. Under group Product activation, click Info about installed version. The displayed About Dialog shows name and version number of your installed product on the first line.
  2. Compare your installed product's version number to the latest available version's number.
    Note: If both numbers are equal, you don't need to update. You are already running the latest version.

To update XStream Xtra to the latest available version, if both numbers are not equal

  1. Exit XStream Xtra.
  2. Download the download the latest version.
  3. Open the download folder and launch the installation procedure.
  4. Select Quick installation, use default values, then click Next >. Follow the instructions through the installation procedure. This may take a few minutes. Please wait.
You are now running the latest version of XStream Xtra.