Getting more music and videos based on recorded files

The Player offers special actions for recorded files. These actions help you to get more music and videos, quickly.

Each product view offers specific tasks. Switch to a certain view to show its available tasks.

Examples for special actions:

View Special action
Radio Get more music from a radio station which already broadcasted a song that you like
Music wishes Put an artist to your wishlist
Music search Trigger a search for an artist
Converter Add a file to the Converter list for re-conversion

Example: Adding a radio station to your Favorites

To add a radio station to your Favorites:

  1. Switch to the Radio view. The available tasks are now offered on the menu bar just above the cover art and song lyrics in the Player.
  2. In the playlist, select a song recorded from an Internet radio station.
  3. Click Favor.

The radio station which broadcasted the selected song is added to your Favorites. You can now easily start recording it.