Reorganizing your media collection

The larger your media collection, the more work it is to maintain its structure, sorting and naming according to your needs. The Media center view supports you with that task: its Reorganize functionality allows you to change the folder structure and file naming of a part of your media collection, or of a complete collection, in one go.

To reorganize a part of your collection:

  1. Switch to any view of the Media center.
  2. Click View > Show check boxes. Now you are able to check files.
  3. Check all media files you would like reorganize:
    • Browse your collection and check files individually, or
    • Open the Check items menu below the lists and select Check all to reorganize your complete media collection
  4. In the toolbar above the media list, click Tags > Reorder files. Wizard pages will guide you through the necessary steps. Follow the given instructions.