Automatically generate wishlists based on a genre

This is the easiest way to get music and videos: Let XStream Xtra automatically generate wishlists based on your favorite music genre. After only a few clicks, XStream Xtra scans the web for artists on the generated wishlist, and automatically records all matches.

To automatically generate a wishlist:

  1. Switch to the Music wishes view in the navigation pane located on the left side of the XStream Xtra window.
  2. Click By Genre.
    Tip: The By Genre button is only available in Music wishes start view. In normal view, you can find the feature in the wishlist menu.
  3. Choose a genre.
  4. Optional: Change the proposed number of wishes and wishlist name.
  5. Click Generate. A new wishlist is generated and displayed in the Music wishes view.
Click Fulfill to get your wishes fulfilled. XStream Xtra starts recording all artists on the generated wishlist.