Exporting content to USB Devices

Please make sure that Windows detects your device as a new drive before you continue.

To export your songs and videos from XStream Xtra to an external USB gadget (e.g. a MP3 player or a mobile phone)

  1. Connect your mobile gadget to your computer.
  2. From the menu of target devices, select Smartphone, USB device... and follow the instructions to configure your gadget to be used with XStream Xtra. If your gadget has already been configured, you can simply select your gadget from the menu of export targets.
  3. Select one or multiple files from the playlist.
  4. Click the target device button. The selected files are exported to your mobile player.
Note: To avoid data loss, always eject your device before disconnecting it from the computer.

Syncing with iPod

XStream Xtra can sync media files to iPods and similar devices.

Important: The mobile device is used as USB mass storage device.

Full synching functionality for iPod and similar devices is only offered by iTunes.