Converting an iTunes audio book

The recommended method to convert protected or unprotected audiobooks is by using the virtual CD Writer. This method makes sure the audiobook is split into several sections.
Note: Please install the virtual CD Writer, first.

To convert an iTunes audio book

  1. Switch to the Converter view.
  2. Click the menu button with the name of the current conversion setting, and choose a target format.
  3. Start iTunes.
  4. In iTunes: Click File > New Playlist .
  5. In iTunes: Add the audiobook to the playlist (e.g. by drag-and-drop).
  6. In iTunes: Right-click the name of the playlist, and select Burn Playlist to Disc.
  7. When burning, use the following settings:
    CD Burner XStream Xtra CD-R
    Preferred speed Maximum possible
    Disc format Audio CD
    Include CD text yes

During the virtual burning process, XStream Xtra converts all files from the playlist to the format you have selected.

All files that finished converting appear in the Player.