Buy songs via Amazon to complete your media collection

XStream Xtra offers you the possibility to easily purchase songs from Amazon in order to complete your media collection.

What you need to purchase songs from Amazon via XStream Xtra

  • an Amazon Account
  • the Amazon Downloader

How to activate and deactivate the Amazon search results

In the Music search view: Click the button labeled with the Amazon symbol located to the right of the Search button to activate and deactivate the Amazon search feature.

Questions and answers concerning purchasing songs from Amazon via XStream Xtra

The mp3 download failed. Something went wrong and I didn't get my song! Is there any chance to get this song without paying twice?
Yes. You may restart the download. For more information read: Amazon download fails.
I found out that the tracks (or tags) from the same album differ in Amazon and the XStream Xtra-Music search. Which album version do I get when I choose to buy an album via XStream Xtra Music search?
The album version as seen in Amazon.
If I accidently delete a purchased song via XStream Xtra-Music search - is it gone (deleted from my hard drive)?
No. XStream Xtra copies purchased songs. You should still have the file in the Amazon Downloader target folder.