Locate stations according to criteria

This article describes how you can locate radio stations by specifying selection criteria (e.g. quality and genre).

To locate radio stations using criteria

  1. Switch to the Radio view in the navigation pane located on the left side of the XStream Xtra window and click Stations to open up the Manage Stations dialog.
  2. Specify the desired critera (country, format, quality, genre). On the right-hand side, is a list of stations that match your specifications.
  3. Sort the station list to the right via station characteristics (Country, License, Format, Bitrate, Rank, Cut)

Example: locate an American pop station to record

Locate, e.g., American stations that play pop in high quality and which can be recorded from using automatic song separation.
  • To do that set the 2 following specifications:
    country: USA
    quality: good (ca 128kbit/s mp3)
    genre: pop
  • In step 3, click the Cut heading in the station list. Now you will see stations that are suitable for recording with automatic song separation.
Tip: If no stations were located that match your criteria, simply change the criteria (e.g. country and quality). Or click Show all stations, to delete your criteria and see all available stations.