Podcasts are regular broadcasts on a specific topic, e.g. news, sports, music, etc. Podcast shows are called episodes.

This article covers the Podcasts view and its functionalities.



The Podcasts view

The Radio view organizes stations into categories, like for example music genres.

  • Navigating through the categories, you can always use the button  to get back to the start view. Use the button  to go back to the previous category.
  • Mind the bread crumbs above to always see where you are at the moment. For example: .
  • You can pin a category to create a link on the Home view. Navigate to the desired tab and click . In the future, you can go to the category from the Home view with just a single click.

Finding a Podcast

All podcasts are ordered by Genre. Find a podcast by browsing the Genres or type in the name in the Search for podcasts text field.

Click Favorites to see a list of all subscribed and favored podcasts.

The upper list in the Podcasts view shows all subscribed podcasts. The lower list shows all episodes of the selected podcast which are available for download. You can also listen to any of the displayed episodes.