Organize your media collection

The media center provides you with the option, among others, to search for individual songs or artists and to sort your media collection.


Mark files

To mark files, the checkbox must be activated.

  1. Switch to any media center view (e.g. Music).
  2. Click View.
  3. Select Show check boxes.
Note: Marked files remain marked until you unmark them or shut down XStream Xtra. In any media center view you may click Check items below and click Uncheck all to unmark marked files.

Using the filter to find media files

The filter can be used, for example, to only display songs by a specific artist.

  1. In the Filter box, type in a filter text, e.g. an artist or song name.Only files containing your text are shown.
  2. Click to reset the filter text.
Note: The filter term entered remains active until it has been deleted.