Browse your own media collection

This article describes media center functions that make browsing your media collection easier and more convenient.

Which media files should be displayed?

You may select in the Music or Movies and entertainment view, which files should be displayed.

  • Click to select that, for example, only reviewed files are displayed.
  • Click All above to select whether just audio or just video files should be displayed.

How should media files be displayed?

You may select how to display your media files in all media center views.

  • Example: You want to find a special song? Type the title into the Filter text box.
  • Example: You want to burn a CD with songs distributed in you media collection? Click View and choose Show check boxes. Find your songs by typing their names in the Filter text box. Check every file you want to export. Click the target device button to export all checked files.
  • Example: You want to listen to music from a special genre? Click View and choose Genre view. Your media files will be displayed ordered by genre.
  • Example: You want to view all songs of an artist? Click View and choose Genre-artist view. Now, if you choose an artist, you see his/her songs displayed clearly arranged. Click View and choose Table to display song information more detailed.