XStream Xtra crashes

A crash is what occurs when XStream Xtra unexpectedly closes or quits.

This procedure guides you through the steps to fix a crash, and to report and get help fixing a crash.
Many crashes can be fixed by following steps 1 and 2. Try these first before reporting a crash.

To fix a crash

  1. Update XStream Xtra. See Updating XStream Xtra to the latest version for instructions.
  2. Update Windows. Make sure your operating system is up-to-date. See Windows 7 Help for more information.

If the crash persists, continue with the following steps.

To report a crash and get help fixing a crash

  1. Reproduce the problem situation. When XStream Xtra crashes, the Crash reporter window appears.
  2. Enter your email address in the Crash reporter window and send the report. Providing your email address along with the report allows the support team to identify your crash report.
  3. Open the support contact form at http://www.dvdnextcopysupport.com/ and fill in the requested information.
  4. Enter a summary of your problem and description on how to make the problem occur. Also add a short note telling when you send the report (e.g. "a few minutes ago", or "yesterday").
  5. Attach any logs or files.
The support team will guide you through the necessary procedures to fix your issue.

The Crash reporter

The Crash reporter component is a small program accompanying XStream Xtra. It detects severe problems occuring in the product and automatically collects technical information about the problem situation and context. You can choose to send this information to the XStream Xtra developers to help fixing such issues.

Tip: Crash reports help a lot to improve the stability of the software. Sending reports is highly recommended.

Although you can provide your email address along with a report, you will usually not be contacted after you send a report. This is because the developers fixing a problem have all information they need and don't require more input from your side. To actually get help fixing a crash, or to e.g. get feedback about when a crash will be fixed, you need to follow steps 3 to 6 as described above.