Create and manage converting profiles

This article describes how to create and edit converting profiles.

The pre-configured profiles for playback devices work in most cases. You can, however, edit the default settings and create customized converting profiles, if you so choose.

For lots of playback devices, such as Apple products, Blackberrys and many others, XStream Xtra offers various converting profiles. You may select one of the options available for your converting profile or create a completely customized profile.

Note: Instead of choosing one of the available converting settings, you may completely customize your settings. Just click Create new custom profile... in the profile menu for converting settings.

To create an individual converting profile

  1. In any view: click to view expanded converting options (expert mode).
  2. Click the current setting for audio files. The audio profile menu will open.
  3. Choose a pre-configured converting option.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the video file settings and click Save.
  5. Enter a name for your converting profile and click OK. Your new converting profile is now saved.
  6. Optional: Select the check box before configuring to activate your converting profile. Your new converting profile has been activated. Now your files will be recorded using your settings.