Conversion Profiles: Setting an output format for all recordings

If you activate a conversion profile, you set an output format for all your recordings. You can use an existing conversion profile or create a new conversion profile with custom settings.


Why should I use conversion profiles?

Overall output format
All recordings will be converted automatically according to the chosen conversion profile.
Special output formats for Smartphones, MP3 players and other devices
XSteam Xtra offers specific conversion profiles for many devices like Smartphones, Tablets and MP3-Player.
Tag editing.
Activate a conversion profile that converts audio files into MP3 files since tag editing is possible for MP3 files only.
Music only
If you don't want video files in your music collection, activate the conversion profile All to MP3 and all recorded video files will be converted into MP3 songs automatically.

Select a conversion profile according to your needs. Now all of your files will be converted automatically right after recording.

Figure 1. Choosing a conversion profile. Click the current conversion profile to choose another conversion profile or to create an own individual conversion profile.