Scheduled radio recording

You can program scheduled recordings to let XStream Xtra record a certain radio station at a given time, automatically.


With scheduled recordings, you can easily:
  • determine now what radio shows you want to record in the future, without having to remember the date and time of the show, yourself
  • record a station at a given time and for a specific period even when you're away from your computer (XStream Xtra must be running)

Scheduled recordings at a glance

On the Manage stations menu, click Manage scheduled recordings to open the Scheduled Recordings dialog. This dialog displays all your past and future scheduled recordings, along with their working status.

Tip: Hover the status texts with the mouse pointer to display a tooltip giving details about the status of the recording.

Once a scheduled recording has been started, XStream Xtra also displays the recorded station in the Radio recording list.

Find all your finished scheduled recordings in the Player, ready for playback.

Questions and Answers

Do I need to let XStream Xtra run to make the scheduled recording work?
Yes, XStream Xtra needs to run to do scheduled radio recordings. XStream Xtra displays a warning when you are about to exit the program, but a scheduled recording would start in the near future.
What's the difference between a scheduled recording and a recording job?
Scheduled recordings have a defined start time and a defined end time. They can begin at any point of time in the future. Recording jobs, on the other hand, can only be defined for already running recordings. Jobs start right-away, and end e.g. after 100 tracks have been recorded.