Exporting to devices

XStream Xtra offers import and export functionality to copy music and video files from your PC to external devices or from external devices to your PC.


  • Burning CDs and DVDs
    XStream Xtra can burn your media files to audio CDs as well as data CDs/DVDs containing media files in their original format (for example MP3 CDs).
  • Creating ringtones
    XStream Xtra can create ringtones from MP3 songs for your mobile phone.

Exporting media files can be done within the Player as well as within the Media center view. The Player offers basic export functionality. The Media center view offers more flexibility regarding the import and export of sets of files at once.

Importing media files can only be done within the Media center view.

Example: Exporting songs to an external storage

Figure 1. Exporting songs to an external storage. Seven songs are selected for the export to an external storage. By clicking Copy 7 below the selected files will be exported to the external device.