As a DVD neXt COPY XStream Xtra customer, you have full access to our RapidSolution Software AG partner’s, Audials Community .  Because the two programs are very similar, you may find the Audials Community an additional source of information, to enhance the DVD neXt COPY XStream Xtra support system.

SSSSSSSSSSSSStart here with text/link correctionsAudials Community : Getting and sharing artist compilations

The Audials Community ( is the place, where XStream Xtra users share their wishlists.

This article explains how to import wishlists from and export wishlists to the Community.


Wishlists are compilations prepared by dedicated music fans, which you can load into XStream Xtra. XStream Xtra scans the web for artists on the wishlist, and automatically records all matches. You can also share your personal wishlist online.

In the Music wishes view, you can see all artists listed on the current wishlist. You can compile several wishlists, and switch between them. XStream Xtra saves all your wishlists automatically.

Community information on supported Audio / Video Websites

The Audials Community lists websites which are currently supported for Web recording. The Community also offers helpful information regarding which websites streaming encrypted content.