Ripping and Recording from MP3 Music of Internet Radio Streams

Tutorial how to rip, record and stream Music from Internet Radios for free

Best way to rip & record music songs from Internet Radio Streams
Start XStream Xtra.
Switch to the “Save Music” view located in the “Streaming” section .
Click “Sound recording with tagging” and then “Ok” in the window that appears. XStream Xtra will now record any sound made by your computer.
Please ensure that no other sounds are made while the music is being played (avoid e-mail and chat sounds).
Play back the music that you would like to record.
XStream Xtra creates in the “Save music” view a list with all the music files that are being played.
You can follow how music is automatically recorded, separated into individual files and tagged.
The completed files are then displayed in the XStream Xtra player on your right hand side.
If some files have been incorrectly named or tagged, you can add tags manually by selecting the file, right clicking on it and choosing the “Edit tags” option.
You can now play the files with XStream Xtra or drag and drop them into another application or Windows Explorer to export them.
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