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Step-by-step instructions how to use XStream Xtra Media Streaming Software

The following Video-on-demand-Services, Video-, Movie- and Music-Internet sites can be recorded, streamed and captured:

Videos & movies in the format your devices requires!

The RTMP-E flash file format used frequently by today's large video portals is not supported by most MP4 players and mobile phones. With XStream Xtra software, you can automatically convert FLV and almost any other Web video format into the format your player requires. Support for numerous standard formats for PC, Notebook, Netbook, Ultrabook, Tablet, XBox 360, PS3, Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod or smartphone – for example WMV, MP4, MPEG4, 3GP and AVI – is included.

Most popular universal web recorder

XStream Xtra software is the universal web recorder, because every video & film from websites you’ve visited are recorded automatically and converted into every desired file format. With XStream Xtra software, you can get a huge & diverse media collection in no time at all.